In order to successfully process your order, we need your name, surname, e-mail and phone number. With this information we will be able to deliver the desired goods, as well as to inform you about the current status of the order.

Protection of personal data

In this case, we only ask for the basic information that we need to process your order. These data will enable us to inform you, in accordance with Mona d.o.o Belgrade's guidelines and good business practices, about everything that can contribute to improving our services, on the one hand, and increasing your satisfaction with our services, on the other hand.

Finally, all data we collect through online sales, including information about the products our customers are buying and searching for, or the sites they visit, will be carefully analyzed and processed. They will be used to improve our offer as well as the look of our site, all in order to provide simpler, safer, faster and more convenient shopping.

Your data is strictly confidential and is only available to employees whose information is necessary for processing the orders, so we commit ourselves not to use the data collected for any other purpose, nor will we make it available to any third party. All employees are aware of the importance of keeping the confidentiality of data and are responsible for implementing this Privacy Policy.

The costumer guarantees for the accuracy and truthfulness of all information sent to the Seller and is responsible for accessing his system and protecting his user information and password.

In order to be informed about  new offers, actions and discounts on the phone number and e-mail address of a customer, customer may give his consent.

The customer may give consent to the Seller to notify him of his new offers, actions and discounts on his phone number and e-mail address. The customer at any time, by sending a request in written or electronic form may withdraw his consent, after which he will not receive the notification.

In addition to these, we collect, analyze and process information about products that our visitors are searching for and buying, as well as about the sites they visit. We use this information to improve the offer and appearance of our sites, all in order to provide simpler, safer, faster and more convenient shopping.