In gratitude for the confidence you provide to the company MONA, as loyalty card user, we offer you many opportunities.

How to became Mona's loyalty card user.

The Mona's loyalty card user can became only an adult, who complete the application which is published on the web shop or by filling leaflets available in all retail stores in Serbia.

Benefits for all Mona's loyalty card members.

After the first purchase the buyer receives a temporary loyalty card on which we will record and add the next purchases.

The Mona's loyalty card user may gain the following benefits.

The value of the purchase in the amount of the discount:


Purchase value in the amount of

The amount of the discount

50.000 rsd 5%
150.000 rsd 10%
250.000 rsd 15%


The discounts can be used for the whole range of  products  in Mona fashion stores. The credit rating period in which the purchase values are accumulated lasts until the end of the calendar year when loyalty card is open, while the right on a discount runs during the same  and next calendar year.

Where you can make discounts?

All rights Mona's loyalty card are acquired through purchase on the web shop and the sales facilities of Mona on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Loss Mona's loyalty card.

In case of loss or stealing card, the user is obliged to report disappearance of the card to the phone +381 11 26 33620

The user will be assigned a new card with all transferred values.