Fashion house MONA was founded in Belgrade in 1989. It manufactures leather and textile clothing for men and women, and a wide range of leather accessories. High quality and design are imperative for this fashion house. Combination of the national cultural heritage with a contemporary fashion expression represents one of the most distinctive characteristic of MONA, and this is what makes this fashion house so unique.

Through twenty-two years of its existence, MONA has grown and developed its business significantly and it has become a leader in the fashion industry not only in Serbia but in the entire region of the South-East Europe.

Through its retail shop network, MONA sells its goods in more than 50 retail shops in entire Serbia, and in Macedonia, Republic of Srpska, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Belarus, and by exporting them to Iceland, Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Sweden, Czech, United Arab Emirates, MONA is also present outside the region.

Prior to each season, Mona’s design team designs prêt-à-porter collections following the current global fashion trends. The collections are presented at prestigious fashion events both in Belgrade and in throughout the region.

Since its founding, Mona has treated fashion as the highest artistic expression representing an integral part of the culture. The haute couture collections inspired by the culture of Lepenski Vir (Lepen Whirl), Vinca civilization, the First Serbian Uprising, as well as the collections “Pirot carpet”, “… among Plum Orchard” and others have been presented to the audience in Moscow, Paris, Rome, Milan, Brussels, Dubai …

Mona was honored to cooperate with Olja Ivanjicki, one of the greatest Serbian painters of the second half of the 20th century, who designed for the fashion house Mona the collections: “Tesla”, “Njegos” and “Empire”.

Business results generated by the fashion house MONA have continuously received numerous prestigious awards from the state and cultural institutions.